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"People say you can't train a cat; well, Aston says, You sure can — you can even train them to use your toilet.... I just think this is amazing!"
- Sunny Aris, Host of MTD Radio's "Critter Connection"

May 21st, 2022

Dear Fellow Cat Lover,

Do you like scooping litter? That's what I figured. I don't like it much either! It smells bad, it's messy, and it's unhygienic. For most cat owners, though, it's a fact of life. Wouldn't it be great if you could toss out the litter box and teach your cat to use the human toilet?

Click the play button to watch our star, Miki, go #1!

Well, it turns out you can, and it's not that difficult. My name's Aston Lau, and in the 5+ years that I've been doing this, I've not only successfully trained my own cat, but I've also helped countless friends and family train their kitties to use the toilet, too.

The benefits are obvious: having a toilet trained cat eliminates all litter box odors. You improve the health and hygiene of everyone in your household (which is especially important if you're pregnant or have a low immune system). You help out the environment by not dumping used litter in our landfills. And best of all, you save thousands of dollars in litter costs over the course of your cat's lifetime!

The question is, how do you go about toilet training your kitty?

The Toilet Trained Cat Method: Field-Tested, Science Approved

Maybe you've just started thinking about toilet training your cat. Or maybe you've been at it for a while now, but haven't been having much success with it. Maybe you've even purchased other cat training systems, spending a whole bunch of money on flimsy plastic toilet seats, only to realize that your cat's too heavy for them, or that your cat balks at the first sight of water, or that your cat is just completely addicted to litter... and to make matters worse, you're given no information on how to get over these humps.

Well, I've been there too. There's so much information out there about how to toilet train your cat, and it can get pretty confusing. When I first started out, I tried all of the various methods I could find to toilet train my cat — mixing bowls, saran wrap, special plastic seats, you name it — and I wasted a lot of time and money, without achieving any success.

Click the play button to watch her go #2!

With all the differing methods and so much misinformation out there, it was a lengthy process before I figured out what worked and what didn't. I even studied everything I could about feline psychology to figure out what governs their bathroom behavior. Armed with this knowledge and hard-won experience, I put together a system with which I finally successfully trained my own cat, Miki.

I wasn't done, though. After my friends and family saw what I could do with Miki, it was like a domino effect: one after the other, friends and family asked me to help them to do the same with their cats, and so I did. I quickly discovered that different cats had very different personalities and behavior quirks than my Miki.... And so, being the scientist that I am, I patiently observed, experimented, and tweaked my toilet training system until even the fattest, most stubborn cat had been successfully toilet trained. I've helped train countless cats now, and I can confidently say that I've come up with the most comprehensive and battle-tested method of toilet training your cat that's out there.

What's the difference between The Toilet Trained Cat method and other methods?

Other toilet training methods completely ignore the scientific principles that govern the bathroom behavior of cats. The Toilet Trained Cat method, in sharp contrast, is based on research in feline behavioral science — Toilet trained cat on the toilet everything we'll do to train your cat is backed by these scientific principles, which are fully explained in the book and DVD. It's only possible to properly and safely toilet train your cat once you understand the underlying principles behind the training... once you do, each step of the process will make perfect sense to you.

When I say that you need to safely train your cat, I'm referring specifically to your cat's health and well-being. Other toilet training systems don't even talk about this vital aspect of toilet training, and as a cat lover, I find this disappointing to say the least. Only The Toilet Trained Cat teaches you how to safely toilet train to ensure that your cat doesn't exhibit toilet avoidance behaviors, which could lead to the development of urinary tract problems.

But, my cat is stubborn / unintelligent / old / fat. How do I know my cat is trainable?

The Toilet Trained Cat method has, without fail, worked on cats of all breeds and types — be they small or fat, flexible or stubborn, brave or timid, intelligent or not-so-intelligent. Of course, some cats will learn faster than others, but given enough time, practically any cat can be trained to use the human toilet.

Generally speaking, the younger the cat, the faster it will be to train them — you can start training a cat as young as 6 months old, and often even younger than that, provided your kitty has shown good enough balance.

The only exceptions are cats that have reached old age (15 years or older), or are extremely obese to the point where they have little sense of balance (although balance can be practiced and learned). In these cases, it will be progressively harder to train as age/weight increase.

Toilet trained cat on the toilet

How quickly can I successfully toilet train my cat?

This depends on how quick and adaptable your cat is. I've trained the brightest and most adaptable cats in as little as 5 days, while others have been more stubborn or timid and have taken as long as 6 months. On average, a cat will pick up the toilet training in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

What will I learn in The Toilet Trained Cat?

The Toilet Trained Cat will guide you, step-by-step, through the toilet training process. You'll find out:

Here are just a few testimonials from some of my very happy customers...

"You're my hero! Thank you for putting your formidable brain-power to the task of toilet training. I watched your video and was sold on your calm, calculated process. I had tried twice before, but failed — partially due to the flimsiness of the plastic insert.... Thank you for writing your book. What a service to man- and catkind and Mother Earth!"
- Jemille Williams, Roswell, Georgia

Toilet trained cat on the toilet "Initially I had tried potty training Neo, my 1 year old kitten, using advice I read in a magazine, but didn't have much success. Four years later and my new fiancé hated the smell so much that he bought me this as a gift... I'm happy to report now that Neo is fully trained. My fiancé is happy too!"
- Brenda Palma, Toronto, Ontario

"I tried toilet training my cat using methods that I learned elsewhere on the Internet. I made some progress, but in the end I managed to confuse my cat so much that she had trouble going back to a regular litter box. After reading your book, I was able to fix my mistakes and now we're on the final phase of training."
- Samantha Gordon, Denver, Colorado

Toilet trained cat on the toilet
Toilet trained cat on the toilet "Thanks so much for your help. This was well worth it. The part about transitional 'bridges' was great — it was what got us over the hump.... I won't have to buy litter ever again!"
- Jess Shuman, Victoria, Texas

"Thank you so much for the instructions. I still can't believe I trained both my cats how to use the toilet. It is an amazing advantage and it is all thanks to you."
- Eddie Delgado, Caracas, Venezuela

"Thank you very much, I am passing your email address to other cat owners.... Charge a bit more. You're onto a winner."
- Sighle l'Estrange, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

"Simple but brilliant. After seeing your method and comparing with others, it's clear that yours is superior. Very well thought out, and the presentation is great."
- Jeff L., Vancouver, British Columbia

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  • Bonus Gift #2: A Cat Lover's Guide to Healthy Cat Treats (a $19.95 value)

    Training your cat requires treats, but you don't want to overload your cat with unhealthy calories. This guide will tell you what you need to know about feeding your cat healthy treats, as well as 101 cat treat recipes so you can make your own healthy treats for your kitty.

Clicker Training book

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