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Frequently Asked Questions (& Answers)

Have a question about The Toilet Trained Cat?  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that I get.... Chances are, you'll find your answer here!

Q:  How long does it take to ship The Toilet Trained Cat materials to me?

A: The materials are shipped as soon as possible after you place your order. Delivery usually takes approximately 5 business days anywhere in the U.S.; for shipping addresses outside the U.S., it may take approximately 10 business days.

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Q:  Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes! We can ship the materials to almost any location in the world, usually for under $9 USD. The most common shipping rates are:

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Q:  Is my credit card safe?

A: Placing an order with us is 100% safe and secure. This website is protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, the highest standard in Internet security. This website has also been tested and validated by nCircle to be compliant with PCI Data Security Standards.

Credit cards are processed by Beanstream Internet Commerce Inc., a trusted secure online credit card processor since 2000. Your credit card information is not stored on this site and is never shared with any 3rd parties.

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Q:  I live outside of the United States. Will your DVD work in my DVD player?

A: Yes — the DVD is a NTSC-format "Region 0" DVD, which means that it will play in any DVD player in the world.

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Q:  I have a very young kitten. When can I start toilet training him?

A: I recommend that you start training when your kitten is 6 months old. But really, the ultimate test of whether or not your kitten is ready is if he is able to balance on the toilet by himself. Provide him with a step stool to get up onto the toilet if necessary, and spot him the first time to make sure he doesn't fall in. You'll be able to tell quickly if he's developed the necessary motor skills!

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Q:  Will I be able to train more than one cat at the same time?

A: Yes, you'll be able to do this. The Toilet Trained Cat will teach you everything you need to know about training multiple cats, and explain the adjustments you'll need to make versus training just one cat.

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Q:  What if my cat drinks from the toilet?

A: Cats love fresh, cool water, which is why they drink out of the toilet. Fortunately, this problem usually goes away on its own after your cat starts using the toilet for its intended purpose, since cats generally don't like to eat and drink in the same place where they defecate.

Failing that, there are also other methods of getting your cat to stop drinking out the toilet, and The Toilet Trained Cat will go over these techniques in greater detail.

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Q:  There are several toilets in our home. Once our cat is trained, can she use any toilet, or just the one she was trained on?

A: Some toilet trained cats will use any toilet, but most will usually stick with the toilet they're familiar with.

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Q:  I am moving soon. Should I toilet train my cat before or after I move?

A: It's best to train your cat after you've moved into your new home. However, if you need to move to a new place, there are several techniques you can use to get your cat to associate potty time with a new toilet; The Toilet Trained Cat will go over how you can accomplish this in greater detail.

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Q:  Does my cat need to be litter trained before he can be toilet trained?

A: Yes. If you cat has problems using a litter box consistently, you'll need to remedy that before you can train him or her to use the toilet — otherwise, you'll risk confusing your cat even more, complicating the training process. There can be lots of reasons why your cat has problems with the litter box, and The Toilet Trained Cat contains detailed information to help your furry friend get back on track with using litter.

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Q:  Isn't it unhygienic to share a toilet with a cat?

A: On the contrary... if you're thinking about toilet training your cat, you probably have an indoor cat, whose biggest source of germs is the litter box; I can't imagine there's much else in your house that's worse! A cat who uses a litter box is extremely unhygienic, and it affects everyone in your home—since your cat no doubt climbs on your couches, your bed, your kitchen counters (when you're not looking), on you... it's none too pleasant. A toilet trained cat, on the other hand, doesn't use the litter box, so the paws stay nice and clean.

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Q:  If I'm not around to flush the toilet, won't the cat's waste stink up my home?

A: It might not smell great, but it'll still be ten times better than a litter box! Water does a much better job of neutralizing odors than litter, and it does it immediately (less time exposed to the air equals less smell). So if you have a cat that does her business in the toilet, it's actually going to lessen the bad odors in your bathroom when compared to a litter box. Not only that, cat excrement is much smaller than that of the human variety, so it doesn't stink as much as when a person goes #2 in the toilet.

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Q:  I'm not satisfied with The Toilet Trained Cat. Can I return it for a refund?

A: Absolutely. Feel free to evaluate the book and DVD for up to 90 days from the date of purchase; if you're not satisfied with the materials, just return the book and DVD for a full refund, but keep accessing the bonus materials with my compliments. I'll even reimburse you for the cost of shipping the book and DVD back to me.

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